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Coalition Uprising : Beginnings of TyrannyDEXTERITY: 4D6Knowledge: 3d6Mechanical: 5D6Attachments 
  Alien Species 3D6Power suit operation ( Robotic)Arms x 2 4D6 lift 
Personal IntelBlaster (Ion)Culture 3D6AstronavigationNo FTL, z-gee suit 
 DodgeLaw Enforcement 3D6Capitalship pilotErinard Ion Blaster rifle Mrk 2 
Characters Name: XXXVehicle BlasterPlantary systems 3D6communicationCharacter points left 0 
Race: DroidMelee CmbtSurvival 2D6Gound vehicle operation  
Gender: N/A Ht: 1.2 meters Wt:Melee ParryValue 3D6Hover vehicle operations  
Class:Missile Launchers = points added 03Business 3D6Repuluser Lift operations  
Credits: 820 / monthly Current: 9,900 rental space 220 Bureaucacy 3D6Sensors  
Psionic Ability Points:  Starship transport  
Bright Mind Points: Dark Mind Points:Perception: 3D6Strength: 3d6/5d6 inside RPAStarship Gunnery  
 Command 4D6 = points added 12 Starship Shield  
Psionic Ability/Power skillsForgery Starfighter pilot  
 Hide Technical : 5D6  
CONTROL: 0D6Search Starship repair  
 Investigation Starfighter repair  
 con man  Captialship repair  
   Shield repair  
   Droid Programming/Repair Adv:Droid engineering 6D6)  
   Space Transport  
   First Aid  
   Ground Vehicle Repair  
   Hover Vehicle Repair  
   Repuluser Lift Repair  
   Armor Repair  
   Blaster Repair  
   Computer program / Computer repair  
SENSE: D6+  ADV – Engineering 4D6(includes all engineering fields)  
 Equipment:Weapons:ADV Medical 4D6  
 Ion Blaster (Robotic Attack)Ion Blaster Damage: 4D6/ 3/7/25ADV – Medical (Cyborg) 3D6  
 Restrainer bolts gun Other Property:  
 Memory Wiper 14 x “hatchling” Repair bots  
 Holo projector DROID PROGRAMMING  
 Internal Link DROID REPAIR  
 Voice box Adpater    
 Scomp – link    
 Storage compartment    
 Bio-metrics + ion attack+ copy mind / swap = special att    
ALTER: D6+Background:Connection to characters:Objectives  

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COALITION UPRISING(D6) joseph1973 espatier